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Lesson 4 : On Creation



32. Q. Who created heaven and earth, and all things?
      A. God created heaven and earth, and all things.


33. Q. How did God create heaven and earth?
      A. God created heaven and earth from nothing by His word only; that is, by a single act of His all-powerful will.


34. Q. Which are the chief creatures of God?
      A. The chief creatures of God are angels and men.


35. Q. What are angels?
      A. Angels are pure spirits without a body, created to adore and enjoy God in heaven.


36. Q. Were the angels created for any other purpose?
      A. The angels were also created to assist before the throne of God and to minister unto Him; they have often been sent as messengers from God to man; and are also appointed our guardians.


37. Q. Were the angels, as God created them, good and happy?
      A. The angels, as God created them, were good and happy.


38. Q. Did all the angels remain good and happy?
      A. All the angels did not remain good and happy; many of them sinned and were cast into hell, and these are called devils or bad angels.